Be A Better Being

Fit, Flexible and Fabulous with Cheryl Ilov

December 11, 2023 Episode 98
Be A Better Being
Fit, Flexible and Fabulous with Cheryl Ilov
Show Notes

December 11th is National Stretching Day and there is nobody better suited for this conversation than Cheryl Ilov, aka the FemiNinja. While the day recognizes the benefits of physically stretching your body, Michelle and Cheryl approach the concept from a variety of angles. After a traumatic experience halted her life, Cheryl sought out a way to regain her strength and confidence. At the age of 47 she began training in the ancient Japanese martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu, the Art of the Ninja. Ten years later she earned her black belt. The training concepts training are applicable to life and Cheryl is dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time by helping them unleash their personal power. To do this, not only do we need to stretch our bodies, but also our minds, our hearts and our limiting beliefs.

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