Be A Better Being

Tim Mulligan--Life IS the Party

November 13, 2023 Michelle Zellner & Sasha Berscheid Episode 94
Be A Better Being
Tim Mulligan--Life IS the Party
Show Notes

Tim has been a connector his whole life, whether planning a party for 2000 in the business world as an HR professional or an intimate gathering of friends and family, he is the go-to guy to bring it to life. While the Covid lockdown presented obstacles to congregate, the free time reignited his passion for creativity. And WOW, how he made the most of it!

At 56 Tim has published  2 cookbooks, written and produced 3 plays, has a graphic novel in the works and a very impressive Instagram following...all while still excelling in his full-time job. Tim and Michelle have a lively conversation about how he made all of this happen, and the gems dropped are applicable to everyone.

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Check out his cookbook, A Perfect 10 (and the party edition!), here.

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