Be A Better Being

Mary Clare Sweet--The Soul is Fine!

May 01, 2023 Michelle Zellner & Sasha Berscheid Episode 66
Be A Better Being
Mary Clare Sweet--The Soul is Fine!
Show Notes

The soul is fine, it’s the human that is suffering. With her first spiritual experience as a young girl, Mary Clare knew she was a little different. While there was support from her “hippie’ family, general society was not so embracing.  To cope with expectations she built an outward personality to fit in. Eventually this masking led to self-destructive behaviors. An official diagnosis of bipolar-disorder, as well as the anchors of faith and yoga were critical to her evolution.

In 2010 she opened Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, NE where she shares these gifts and tools with others so they, too, can work their way to a full and joy filled life. This is an incredibly powerful and empowering conversation. Stay through the end as we are treated to a tapping session with Mary Clare.

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