Be A Better Being

Two Sober Sashas--So Sexy!

April 03, 2023 Michelle Zellner & Sasha Berscheid Episode 62
Be A Better Being
Two Sober Sashas--So Sexy!
Show Notes

Alcohol Awareness is a pretty big deal on this podcast and we are delighted to be joined by a woman who has conquered her addiction.

After first experience with alcohol at age 14, Sasha Tozzi found freedom to live without her social anxiety and depression. This rapidly led to hard drug use and by age 20 life was starting to fall apart. Family intervention was a first step tin the right direction and a college therapist's gentle introduction to AA ultimately got her on the road to sobriety.

Now at 37, and nearly 12 yrs sober, Sasha guides others in their healing journey. Living by the mantra  "the opposite of addiction is connection", she helps people establish connections, lead a sober life and live up to their potential.

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